The home study process can be broken down into three simple steps:

1. Obtaining Information

We will ask you to complete several questionnaires, providing information about your family background, your current family situation, your work history, and your finances. You will also be asked to do fingerprints and child abuse registry forms.  These will be reviewed prior to the  home visit

2. Home Visit(s)

Your Home Study Social Worker will make at least 1  home visit while conducting your home study. These visits will give you and the Social Worker a chance to ask questions, discuss the adoption process, and get to know each other. In addition, several post-placement visits will be conducted once you bring your child home. These visits will help to make sure that you are bonding well with your child, that your child is healthy and developing appropriately, and that any concerns that you might have are addressed.

3. Writing the report

Once all of the background and personal information is obtained, and the home visit(s) has/have taken place, your Social Worker will complete a written report to send to the adoption attorney or Domestic or International adoption agency that you are working with. You will receive as many originals of the home study report as you need, including one to keep for your records.

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