Older Child Adoption

Reasons to adopt an older child:

  • No need to worry about diapers, midnight feedings, or expensive infant day care
  • The child can actively and consciously participate in the adoption process
  • The child will consciously overcome the language barrier if it is an international adoption
  • A child adopted internationally may preserve the native language and grow up to be bilingual
  • The child can provide feed-back about his or her likes and dislikes
  • There is a good chance of matching character traits and interests with those of parents and/or siblings
  • Most medical conditions are diagnosed by age seven
  • The child may know his or her biological family history
  • There is a better chance to adopt from some foreign countries, such as Ukraine
  • There is a better chances of adopting a younger child as a sibling from foreign countries such as Ukraine
  • Every child, regardless of age, deserves a good home

Things to consider before you adopt an older child

  • Parents will miss the baby years
  • The child, at least initially, may not want to be adopted
  • The child may have bonding issues
  • There will be an initial language barrier for a child adopted internationally
  • The child’s character and personality will be at least partially formed
  • The child may miss his or her friends and former home

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