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We are changing our name to reflect our new services!

Forever Families Home Study Agency has become Forever Families Adoption Services. We have changed our name to reflect our new adoption program. We are currently working with a limited number of birth mothers who are interested in placing their babies with a loving adoptive family. We offer open, semi-open, and closed adoptions. Our home study clients are the first to be considered for a potential match with a birth mother. We do not take any money for the adoption until you are matched, so you are free to pursue adoption through another agency until you commit to a match through Forever Families.

Save Money and Help Forever Families Adoption Services

Are you a couponer? Would you like to receive free grocery coupons from a legitimate website and help us earn money at no expense to you? If so, visit Commonkindness.com. Choose Forever Families Home Study Agency in Oviedo as your charity. You can print whatever coupons you want, and we will receive a donation.


We at Forever Families are committed to doing whatever we can to assist appropriate families in adopting Haitian orphans. After a crisis, the natural reaction is to want to help. Prospective adoptive parents need to realize that these children have been through horrendous experiences and will need unconditional love, patience, commitment, and support in order to heal. If you are interested in adopting a Haitian orphan, the Haitian government has started processing new applications. They have signed the Hague Convention Treaty, so the process will be more predictable. You might also want to consider adopting a child through the foster care system (which will not cost you anything), or a country like Ethiopia, where there are orphans waiting for forever families and there is an adoption process already in place.


Russia is closed to adoptions from the United States at this time. If you were considering Russia, you might want to consider adopting from another country. In case they open up again, you may want to know about Russian adoption and the Russian blacklist. The Russian government is very serious about receiving post-adoption reports on children adopted from Russia, even now, when they are closed for new adoptions. They have placed any agency that owes them a post-adoption report on a blacklist, and will not accept any home studies from these agencies. Forever Families Home Study Agency has NEVER been on the Russian blacklist.

The Hague Convention

Forever Families is qualified to be a supervised adoption agency for adoptions from countries that have signed the Hague Treaty. What this means is that we can conduct home studies for Hague countries as long as we enter into a supervision agreement with your Hague accredited adoption agency.

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