There are never any fees for birth moms. If you are pregnant and need help contact us today: (407) 977-8639. Here you will find everything you need to get your home study process started. Download the forms packet for your specific case and please have these ready for your home visit.

Adoption fees vary based on many factors, the main one being the financial and emotional needs of the birth parents. We will be happy to explain our costs for adopting a baby. We do not charge a fee to show your profile to birth mothers.

Fees Current as of December 2019

Home Study Completion Time Frame

All home studies will be completed within two weeks or less of the initial home visit, assuming that the family provides the needed information in a timely manner and background clearances are available. Initial paperwork is e-mailed to the family within 2 business days of the referral. Initial home visits are scheduled within two weeks of the referral, assuming family availability. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality home studies in a timely manner at reasonable rates.

Please click to download the packet that matches your particular needs and make sure to also download the Child Abuse Registry Form at the bottom of this page. This form MUST be included in your packet.

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