Domestic Adoption

When it comes to international versus domestic adoption, there are no right or wrong choices. Adoptive parents need to make the choice that is right for them and their family. No matter where the child is born, adoption means that another child is getting a loving forever family. There are many reasons why people choose to adopt a child domestically. These reasons include:

  • Recognizing that there are many children in our own country in need of a good home
  • Wanting an open adoption, so that the child will have a relationship with the biological as well as the adoptive family, or:
  • Wanting the child to have the option to locate birth parents as an adult
  • The costs associated with a domestic adoption may be lower than those associated with an international adoption
  • Not wanting to deal with the requirements of another country
  • The child will not have any language barrier
  • A domestically adopted child generally has more medical information and family history available
  • A child can be placed with the family at birth
  • The child may look like the adoptive family, leaving the decision to disclose whether he or she is adopted to the child and adoptive family
  • There will be little or no travel

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