How did this happen to me?

As a wife,mother of 6, grandmother of 1, adoption professional, and social worker, I am constantly juggling these roles. I started off with 2 biological children and planned to adopt 2 more. 4 children later, here I am! In 2004 I opened Forever Families Home Study Agency to provide adoption home studies in my home state of Florida. Since then, we have expanded to provide services to birth parents, as well as adoption-related counseling. I sometimes stray off the professional path due to the demands of parenthood. Usually it involves a medical issue for my 12 year old, who has chronic medical and developmental issues. I have learned that the best approach to life is often found in humor. If you can’t laugh while a 4-year-old is throwing a tantrum at the store or a teenager is explaining (again) why you are wrong, then why bother? I hope that this blog will amuse and inform you.

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