Let us help you on your road to adoption!LOVE is what makes a family forever

Let us help you on your road to adoption!

LOVE is what makes a family forever

Why bother days

Did you ever have one of those days when you wonder “why bother”? When you’re in the process of adopting, you may have those days. Many prospective adoptive parents have fall throughs, or are presented to birth mothers and not

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Whose baby is it? Parental rights

I have heard many times that people adopt from abroad because they are afraid that a domestic birth mother will magically appear many years later and get her child back. We all see the horrific cases on the news, where

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Facts about gay adoption in Florida

Florida has finally entered the 21st century! The long-standing ban against gay and lesbian people adopting has been ruled unconstitutional as of September 22, 2010. I had the pleasure of lobbying against the ban in Tallahassee and locally along with

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Cast a wide net

Many people are much too specific when considering the characteristics of the child(ren) that they want to adopt. They may specify “absolutely no prenatal drug or alcohol abuse” for a domestic newborn, or a very small age range for an

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Adults say the darndest things

One thing that I did not anticipate as an adoptive mother is the questions and comments made by (hopefully) well-meaning adults. I expected the “is that your mom?” addressed by my biracial children’s peers about me, their Caucasian mother. But

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How did this happen to me?

As a wife,mother of 6, grandmother of 1, adoption professional, and social worker, I am constantly juggling these roles. I started off with 2 biological children and planned to adopt 2 more. 4 children later, here I am! In 2004

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Considering Adopting? Congratulations!

This is an exciting time for you! It can also be confusing as you make decisions that will affect your family for a lifetime. You will need to decide on domestic adoption or international adoption. If it is international adoption,

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